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G3 Cutaway System

Cookie G3 Spring Kit

Cookie G3 Spring Kit

Cookie Flat Lock

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Keep your cameras secure with the Cookie Flatlock, a low profile secure mounting system made from precision machined aluminium. Specifically designed for the skydivers who want low weight, high quality and functional design with minimal snag hazards.

The unique design allows you to easily and quickly mount a camera onto the top of your camera helmet. By adding the Cookie Flatlock adapter you can add this product to the Cookie Fuel helmet, or mount it to any flat surface. Using both the Cookie Flat Lock adapter and the Cookie Flatlock gives you the added functionality of having a low profile block that acts as a quick release.

Size 100mm x 75mm x 8mm or 3.75in x 2.75in x 0.3in.
Weight 120 grams or 4 oz.
Materials Light weight aluminum construction.
Design Features;

  • Low profile design.
  • Large footprint for extra camera rigidity and security.
  • No snag skydive specific design.
  • Fast lock in and out.
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