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Skydive Now. Great Products, Great Prices, Awesome Service!

We haven't always been a skydiving kit store and resource portal. We actually started off as a Skydiving agency before realising that the kit store was where our true passion lay. Our kit store was slowly phased in as part of atransition,and was really started in the early part of 2016.

Skydive Now as you see it now is the second generation website which was built in response to the rapid growth of the business during the summer of 2016. Significantly faster servers, increased payment protection and security and a much larger catalogue of products were just a few of the main features.


What Do We Want To Achieve?

We want to provide awesome customer service!

Seriously, we take note when it happens to us (and when it doesn't) and we want all our customers within the UK and those in Europe to feel that we have done a great job. Speedy dispatch (usually the same day) and honest advice are two of the core principles of our business. For those of you that have already ordered from us, we hope you noted some of the little extras we drop into packages, and for those that haven't; These extras range from everything from pull up cords, pens and mugs, to freelog books, gloves andgoogles. 

Our History