Aerodyne Reserve Handle

Aerodyne Reserve Handle

Aerodyne Risers

Aerodyne Risers

Aerodyne Line Sets

Aerodyne Complete Line Sets. Email us to specify your canopy size and line type required.

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Aerodyne Line Sets (Complete Line Set)

You will need to email us with the canopy model and size.

We may also need the date of manufacture and the serial for some models.

Canopy Line Sets Available for;

  • A2 Tandem

  • Mamba

  • Pilot

  • Pilot 7

  • Sensei

  • Solo

  • Triathalon

  • Triathalon Competition CRW

  • Triathalon Hybrid

  • Vision

  • Zulu

  • Diablo

Line types available (Canopy dependent)

  • HMA

  • Dacron

  • Spectra

  • ZLX


As with ALL Aerodyne parts, each single item is priced to include it being shipped as a single unit. 
Ordering multiple pieces or parts from Aerodyne qualifies for discounted rates. 
Please contact us directly when ordering more than one component.

All parts are ordered directly from the factory and have a minimum lead time of 1 week.

We may need to contact you for further information if the part you require can be customised such as materials or colours.

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