M2 Multimode AAD

M2 Multimode AAD

Aerodyne Vision 117

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Used Parachute

MAIN PARACHUTE: Aerodyne Vision 117

Previous Owners : ONE

Canopy Colours: Bright Yellow with a purple and white cell towards the end.

Approx 550 - 600 jumps on canopy. Material in good condition.

New lineset installed - new line set has 7 jumps on it.

No Patches Found On Canopy

No Damage Found On Canopy

Sliger has a small tear near a grommet which would benefit from repair. No other damage found.

This Vision (Intermediate) parachute is one that is between the Pilot (Entry Level) and Mamba (Experienced)

Serial number is; 248776
DOM: 20th October 2004

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