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Altimaster Galaxy by Alti-2

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An Alti-2 Altimaster Galaxy set to measure in ft and with the glow in the dark back face.

Altimaster Galaxy in BlueAltimaster Galaxy in BlackAltimaster Galaxy in GreenAltimaster Galaxy in Silver


Altimaster Galaxy in RedAltimaster Galaxy in OrangeAltimaster Galaxy in TurquioseAltimaster Galaxy in Purple

All our altimeters in this range have the glow in the dark back face (great for those who want to progress to night jumps) fitted as standard, and they are all set to display in feet rather than meters.

Although the dial goes up to 12,000ft (One full rotation) the actual range of the altimeter is 18,000ft MSL and is marked in 250 ft increments. Easy reference background colours make 'at a glance' reference easy with the yellow marker starting at 3,000ft and red at 2,500ft. Zeroing the altimeter is done manually by a dial on the side, which makes it one of the most simple to adjust for jumping at different landing locations.

All the newer models we stock have a user-replaceable lens - so if you do scratch it or crack it - you can at least replace it yourself at minimal cost. All Alti-2 Galaxy altimeters have an engraved serial number, and they all come with the standard adjustable velcro wrist mount.

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