Bungees - Type II

Bungees - Type II

Audibles Screwdriver Set

Audibles Screwdriver Set

Articulated Skydiver

Skydiving Training Aid
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An articulated wooden man commonly used as a tuition tool by FS coaches and during ground training sessions, such as AFF and Static Line.

This training aid can form all the required body positions for FS and for FF flying styles, and make some of the most easily understandable training aids for novices and students.


Sizes; (Sizes are approximate, as each unit has small variances) - Height includes base platform

Small (Small model only: Elbows and Knee joints have restricted movement as they are not fully articulated.)

Height: 150mm
Weight: 30g


Height: 320mm
Weight: 190g


Height: 435mm
Weight: 410g

Each model is supported by a metal pole into a wooden base - they are not threaded and can be removed with a little effort. To convert the model to a permanent skydiving belly position remove the support and drill a similar size hole in the central body.

Fully articulated body including rotation of joints in addition to standard movement. (Note - over rotating a joint in the same direction will eventually break the spring - always rotate it back again in order to maximise working life)

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