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  1. Skydiving Locations in the UK

    Skydiving Locations in the UK

    If you came here looking for a skydiving location near you, then this article is for you.

    Did you know that there are 25 locations scattered over the length and breadth of the UK that you can make a parachute descent at, but that not all of them offer the same things? You’ll probably be looking at booking a Tandem Skydive (95% of people do!) as your first skydive.

    UK Skydiving Locations MAP by Skydive Now

    Firstly: We are NOT a skydiving centre, we supply the equipment to the individuals or businesses that do the actual skydiving. If however you decide to do a full course and train to become a skydiver, then we will be here when yo

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  2. 2018 - Blue Skies and Great Gear

    Skydive Now - 2018 offers on top skydiving equipment.

    We're hoping that 2018 brings us all blue skies, calm winds and lots of great weather where you can jump with your friends!
    To kick the BPA year off in style, and to make sure you look cool, we have some awesome offers on gear on the site.

    Offers are only valid from the 1st March to the 30th April inclusive.
    Simply navigate to the PACKAGE DEALS section of the website, configure your purchase and apply the discount voucher at checkout!

    Offer 1 (below right)

    Student Basics Starter Pack - The first things that students look for when qualifying from student to 'A' License. The Hook Knife, Goggles, Gloves and Alti Package!

    • Polycarbonate Hook Knife - Available in Red or Black with
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  3. Brilliant Pebble - Skydiving Audible, Everything you wanted to know

    Brilliant Pebbles - Skydivers Audible - Everything you wanted to know!

    Brilliant Pebble - Cheapest Skydiving Audible


    Finally A Cheap Skydiving Audible!

    With audibles from other manufacturers costing in excess of £160, it's nice to see the development of one that brings the price tag down to well below the £100. At the time of their release they were priced at an introductory £65 (regular retail price £75)

    So if you're looking to buy an audible and your on a budget, we'll guide you through the ins and outs of this device, leaving you free to decide if it's the right one for you!

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  4. Skydive Top 10 Questions

    1. How long does freefall last?

    Short Answer:

    Usually somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds.

    Long Answer:

    The higher you go, the longer you fall.

    You should be under a parachute at around 5,000ft (in the UK) and the first 1,000ft takes around 10 seconds as you’re still accelerating to your ‘Terminal Velocity’, but each 1,000ft after that takes about 5 seconds.

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  5. Buying a Wings Skydiving Container

    Our guide to buying a Wings Vision container.

    We are registered dealers for Sunrise Manufacturing, the makers of the Wings series of containers. This guide relates directly to the Wings Vision. If you are looking for a Wings student, the older style Wings (Classic) or Wings Tandem, please get in touch directly. 

    Which options do you want / need?

    This is the hardest part as it usually conflicts with the budget you have. We suggest that you break all the options you would like into three categories; Essential, Should Have and Luxury. To do so, you'll need to know what some of the options are and what they do - so here's a handy post to help you out!


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  6. The BPA Parachute Equipment Logbook – A good idea or bureaucracy gone mad?

    The BPA Parachute Equipment Logbook – A good idea or bureaucracy gone mad?

    For readers of the Feb 2016 issue of “Skydive the Mag” there may have been a few people who stumbled across the article introducing an equipment log book.

    For some, this is a welcome change and for others it appears to be paperwork for the sake of paperwork.

    Should you use it, what are the benefits, what are the drawbacks, who is going to check it and why?

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  7. MarS m2 AAD - All You Need To Know

    Brief History of the m2 AAD

    MarS m2 AAD

    The MarS m2 might be the newest AAD to enter the UK market, but that doesn't mean the device is actually 'New' to all markets. The m2 was a conceptual idea back in 1999 and the first iteration was the MPAAD (Mars Parachute Automatic Activation Device) which branched out into the MPAAD Pilot, designed specifically for the emergency parachutes used by pilots of aircraft and helicopters.

    The m2 currently available has been sold since 2011 and was popular and rapid success in

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  8. Buying Your First Skydive Audible

    An Audible Altimeter - What Is It?

    Put simply it's an electronic device that is normally mounted on or in the helmet of a skydiver which will beep as the skydiver in freefall (or at a high enough descent speed to trigger the audible) passes through a pre-determined altitude.

    How Does A Skydivers Audible Actually Work?

    The device measures air pressure. It knows when you switch it on that it (or at least it should be) on the ground, and will calibrate itself to ground level - it will normally continue to self-calibrate to the ground level until powered down.

    As you ascend in the aircraft, the device registers that you are now on the climb to altitude - and will

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  9. Buying your first skydiving altimeter

    Buying your first skydiving altimeter explained.

    Buying your first set of skydiving kit is both a proud moment (as it usually means you are close to or have already passed the course) and a daunting prospect.


    Why Use One?

    The use of an altimeter is a required device under the BPA rules and regulations (Section 4.1 of the BPA Operations manual (p.48)), and you'll see every skydiver wearing one in the UK.

    There are exceptions to this if you are making less than a 15 second delay, which is why you'll see the static line and short delay students on the RAPS courses jumping without one.


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