Cookie G3 Full Face Skydiving Helmet - Everything you need to know

The G3 Helmet: General Information

The G3 helmet is one of the worlds most popular full face skydiving helmets available today, in part to the level of customization any particular helmet can receive. They have a wide field of view, lock shut and have user replaceable parts in addition to a whole range of upgrades and accessories made especially to fit their helmets.

Manufactured by Cookie Composites Pty, it's constructed from an ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene) plastic which gives it some impact protection qualities compared to other materials. One major advantage is that helmets made from this material can be sanded down to remove deep scratches (although you'll have to re-spray it to get it looking new again) and heavy abrasions.

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G3 Helmet Colours

Cookie have 14 different colours available for the G3 (at the time of writing) - Click a helmet to see a larger image.

Cookie G3 CharcoalCharcoal

Cookie G3 Dark BlueElectric Blue

Lime Green G3 Skydiving HelmetLime Green

Hot Pink or Fluro Pink G3 HelmetHot Pink \ Fluorescent Pink

Matte Black G3 skydiving helmetMatt \ Matte Black

Orange Full Face Skydiving G3 HelmetOrange

Navy Blue or Dark Blue G3 Full Face HelmetNavy \ Dark Blue

Pink Skydiving Helmet G3 Full FacePink

Purple Helmet G3 SkydivingPurple

Red Cookie G3 Skydiving HelmetRed

Royal Blue G3 Skydiving Full Face HelmetRoyal Blue

Tactical Green G3 Full Face HelmetTactical Green

White Full Face HelmetWhite

Yellow Full Face HelmetYellow

G3 Helmet Sizes

The helmets come in 6 sizes ranging from Extra Small through to Double Extra Large

Cookie Composites Head Measuring Guide by Skydive Now

We recommend trying a helmet on, especially if you are on the border between two sizes, but please be aware that helmets do bed in to each users head shape, and the more that the helmet has been worn, the more pronounced this effect will be. (Tunnel flying helmets get used a lot!) Where possible, try and find a G3 that's new.

G3 Full Face - First Use

Once you've got your shiny new helmet, you're going to want to ensure the fit is perfect. There are two main things to consider at this point, strap tightness and the breath guard.

The Breath Guard

Each G3 ships with an additional narrow foam strip in addition to the factory fitted thicker foam piece. Both pieces are designed to fit in the front section near the mouth.

The thickest piece should press against your face and is designed to take all the warm moist air you breathe out away from the visor. This will help minimise any fogging of the visor. The thinner piece is generally used when people wish to have a better level of communication with their jump partners, or when fogging isn't an issue with the conditions that are being jumped.

The Strap Tensioner

To adjust the tension on the strap that tightens the helmet around the back of your head; Follow the strap around the back of the helmet (it changes from a black webbing type material to a white microline) until you find the red stop tab.

Altering the length on the stop tab will give you a tighter or looser fitting. Secure the red stop tab back into the liner once you have finished adjusting the length.

G3 Helmet Accessories & Replacement Parts

There are a number of helmet accessories and replacement parts.


Visors get replaced for various reasons, and it's good practice to replace one that has too many scratches and marks that impeed vision. The Cookie G3 visors are made from a high impact polycarbonate that is designed to comply with motrobike standard optical requirements. The visor itself has an anti fog coating on the inside and an anti scratch coating on the exterior. 

G3 visors come in two sizes.
Extra Small (XS) - Large (LG)
Extra Large (XL) to Double Extra Large (XXL.

Not sure on the size? Look on the inside of your G3 helmet at the padding to identify what size helmet you have. You may also be able to identify it from the old visor by looking on the edge at the hinge points for some embossed text stating the size. (Handy if you can't quite figure out if you were L or XL)

Visors also come in two types;

Clear G3 VisorClear

Tinted or Smoked G3 VisorTinted \ Smoked

Spring Kit Replacement

The spring mechanism inside the helmet is actually made from plastic, and after time may benefit from being replaced. Fortunately the spring kit is nice and cheap, and each kit has enough springs to do 3 separate helmets - great for you and your mates!

In order to replace the springs, you'll need a few tools; 7mm spanner, crosshead screwdriver and a little 3 in 1 oil.

Cookie have a handy little video showing the entire process, which you can watch right here;

Aluminium Side Plates

The most popular accessory for the G3, and easiest way to personalise your helmet making your black one (or whichever colour you choose) stand out from the rest.

There are 9 different stock colour aluminium plates to choose from, with each one having 4 different designs giving a total of 36 to choose from.

Cookie G3 Aluminium Side Plates - Colours to choose from

Flysight Mount

Cookie make their own mount specifically for the Bionic Avionics product called "Flysight". Click here (opens in a new window) to read more about the flysight product.

Cookie G3 Flysight Mount Cookie G3 - Flysight Mount

Helmet Bags

Perhaps one of the most common and overlooked accessories is the simple carry case it travels in. Whilst all of our Cookie helmets ship inside a soft cloth bag, that bag isn't designed to protect the helmet from knocks and bumps.

Cookie make two bags for their helmets, and the G3 (when not used with cameras) is best suited to the standard bag. When the helmet is used with cameras, we suggest opting for the Cube type bag instead.

Cookie G3 and Fuel Helmet BagThe Cookie Standard Helmet Bag.

Cookie CUBE camera helmet storage bagThe 'CUBE' skydiving camera helmet bag.

Cookie G3 Camera Mounts

The Cookie G3 helmet has a roller mount specifically designed for the exact curvature of the helmet. Whilst other options exist for dual plates on top of the G3, Cookie Composites do not manufacture a dual plate for the G3.

The roller mount for the G3 supports the GoPro Hero type cameras, and will require the use of the GoPro housing (underwater case) or an alternative skeleton cage in order to mount the camera to the bracket.

If using a camera helmet in the UK, even on a full face, you may be required to have a cutaway system installed. Whilst Cookie do not manufacture one for the G3, there are individuals with various designs to achieve this. A brief search in a skydiving forum will yield some potential leads.

GoPro Hero Roller Mount for G3 Helmets