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G3 Cutaway System

Alti-2 Wrist Band for ATLAS

Alti-2 Wrist Band for ATLAS

Camera Quick Release

Metal lower profile skydive camera quick release system.
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Low profile skydiving camera quick release system.

This is a compact low profile aluminium quick release system that allows camera flyers to quickly remove and exchange the camera mounted on their helmet with an alternate accessory or to quickly exchange batteries etc that are bottom loaded like most DSLR cameras.

The release plate features a grooved hardened high grip rubber layer to ensure the camera doesn't move once attached. When fitting the plate to the helmet, a 4mm neoprene (provided) pad is included to balance the release system and to ensure the system doesn't slip.

The mounting option on this mount allows both the standard 1/4-20 UNC thread AND the 3/8-16 UNC thread. The plate comes fitted with the adapter screw allowing the user to install either on their system. (Most consumer cameras are fitted with the 1/4-20 UNC thread)

This product includes BOTH the release plate and mounting plate as pictured.

Weight: 135g

Height: 2.1cm

Also features a brass lever safety release; Even if you knock the release lever hard enough to open it, the camera will remain attached until the brass lever is released allowing the catch to fully open.

We suggest that if the brass lever safety mechanism touches the top of the helmet an additional 3.5mm hole is made to allow the hinge pin to drop in place. If the mechanism sits beyond the rear of the mounting plate then the drill hole will not be required.

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