Chroma Visual Altimeter

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Chroma Visual Altimeter

The CHROMA visual Altitude Indicator is manufactured by Fly Elemental and is a unique answer to the problems of the noise in freefall.

Where standard audible devices can emit a shrill beep in your ear above the noise of freefall, the CHROMA takes a more intuitive approach and gives you a constant heads-up display of your altitude.

This product is IDEAL for the growing deaf and hard of hearing community of skydivers, and is also very well suited to those wishing to protect their hearing in the long term.


Chroma Visual Altimeter - Front of PackageFeatures;

  • Always On : After inserting the battery, the Chroma requires no interaction from the user.  Simply place the unit in the helmet and forget about it.
  • Intuitive : Familiar colors for altitude (Green=safe freefall altitude, Red=deployment and hard deck) are easy to understand.
  • Constant : The LEDs are giving information about important altitude changes throughout the entire skydive.  You always know which "zone" you are in.
  • Battery : A single standard "AAA" battery is cheap and easy to replace.  Average battery life is approximately 150 jumps or 3 months (similar to talk time versus standby time on a cellphone)
  • Support and Warranty : Elemental is committed to providing the best customer support and stands behind the products with a lifetime guarantee.  Simply send an email to for fast warranty service.


The device is 'always on' and calibrating to ground level, but you won't see the lights until the device knows it's being used!

At 300ft the CHROMA will come on and stay on with a steady red light until you pass 1,000ft, at which point you'll get three green flashes. The CHROMA will now conserve battery until you either start the skydive, or go above 10,000ft.

Chroma InfoStatus Signals

  • Solid RED & one GREEN flash: Device calibrated & ready to go!
  • Solid RED (Climbing in aircraft): Device detected you are above 300ft and climbing to altitude.
  • Three GREEN flashes: Device detected you are above 1,000ft and still climbing to altitude.
  • Solid GREEN: Device detected you are above 10,000ft or have begun freefall and are still within a 'safe' altitude.
  • Alternating RED & GREEN: Device has detected you are below 5,500ft and in freefall.
  • Solid RED: Device has detected you are still in freefall and below 3,500ft.
  • Flashing RED: Device has detected you are below 2,500ft and still in freefall - (Seriously - pull!!!)
  • Off: Device has detected you are now below 1,000ft or are under a canopy.


Elemental will replace any CHROMA unit FREE OF CHARGE due to a manufacturing defect(s). However they will not replace a device damaged due to incorrectly installed batteries, negligence, misuse or water damage. For the complete warranty information, please visit

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