Used Z1 Open Face Skydive Helmet

Used Z1 Open Face Skydive Helmet

Container and Reserve Parachute System

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USED Parachute System - Container & Reserve

Atom classic - manufactured 19th June 98
Reserve - Techno 115 manufactured 17th July 98

RESERVE: Two known live uses. No history from previous owner.

No Main Canopy & No AAD.

CONTAINER: Atom classic. Fits for a small build (5ft 5"). It's an older container that's a little faded over the years, but still comfortable enough to fly all day in, and signed off as airworthy. Does not have the original risers fitted.

DISCLAIMER: ALL USED GEAR is sold on an 'as seen' basis and whilst we will always attempt to give as many details as possible, we can neither guarantee the equipment or the listing accuracy to be 100% flawless. If you are unable to accept this do not purchase or attempt to purchase the equipment.

The equipment is sold on a non return basis and we encourage all prospective purchasers to inspect it personally before agreeing to the purchase.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they are experienced enough to utilise this equipment safely.

Used Parachute Gear

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