Cypres AAD

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Cypres AAD

The CYPRES 2 made by Airtec is the industry standard for AADs. CYPRES were the first of all of the major manufacturers for skydiving and parachute AAD units.

Now available in the Changeable Mode configuration, which allows the user to change the mode as needed throughout the unit's lifetime! This is excellent for the jumper who needs the Expert mode now, but may want the Speed more later on; or for the drop zone who may need to switch the CYPRES unit between a tandem, student or rental rig through the units lifetime. 

CYPRES 2 units have a lifetime of 15 years with an unlimited manufacturer guarantee for repairs, if needed. The units are water resistant for a duration of 24 hours at a maximum of 1.5 meters deep.

The CYPRES 2 also has a jump counter and does not require a battery change.

The CYPRES 2 is required to undergo 5-year and 10-year maintenance checks. For the required maintenance, the units must be shipped to SSK Industries in Ohio or Airtec in Germay, and are tested/updated for a minimum of two weeks for $160 plus shipping costs.

What happens during the Maintenance cycle?

  • Repair of any wear or tear
  • Diagnostics
  • Data analysis
  • Disassembly
  • Complete inspection
  • Extreme temperature tests
  • Temperature cycling tests
  • Temperature stability check and adjustment
  • Shielding check
  • Cutter testing
  • Battery replacement (no extra cost)
  • Filter replacement
  • Applicable updates – hardware, software, improvements
  • Artificial aging of any new components
  • Re-assembly
  • Complete calibration and analysis
  • Flight performance testing (activation/non-activation)
  • Power consumption test and analysis
  • Output power verification
  • Waterproof testing
  • Final functional testing


Riggers can replace the CYPRES 2 cutter as well as the water filter on the units. 

CYPRES is an acronym for CYbernetic Parachute RElease System.

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