Kroops Flexi Fold Goggles

Kroops Flexi Fold Goggles

Flex-Z Clear Goggles

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Flex-Z CLEAR Skydiving Goggles

Flex-Z skydiving goggles are ultra-durable goggles that bend instead of shattering. You can sit on them, stand on them, scrunch them up in your fist, and yet still be able to open them up and use them.

Now available in 4 sizes;

  • Ultra Mini - for those with very small heads, or for children that find the mini just a bit too big.
  • Mini - Great for those wanting a lower profile goggle than the standard version. Especially popular with the ladies!
  • Standard - The standard sized Flex-Z goggle seen all over the world. A favourite of DZ's, students and instructors alike.
  • Over Goggles - A larger depth profile than the standard goggles which allows those with prescription glasses to wear them without the glasses being pulled tightly into their face. Generally used by those that require the use of their normal glasses, and DZ for Tandem Students.

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