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m2 AAD - Replacement Cutter

m2 AAD - Replacement Cutter

MultiMode m2 AAD

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m2 AAD

The m2 AAD.

Please note - this is the new AAD (MultiMode M2) released in 2017. The older single mode AAD are no longer available.

This AAD is very well established and a recognised brand within Europe. The manufacturers have been making Automatic Activation Devices since 2003 with the commercial release of their MPAAD (Mars Parachute Automatic Activation Device)

A 15 year and 15,000 jump maintenance free life expectancy makes this waterproof (up to 2m) AAD a cost-effective solution!

Their most recent development is the m2 AAD which has already had several documented cases where the units have saved the lives of the skydivers.

Main Features;

  • 15 year & 15,000 jump maintenance free life expectancy.
  • No battery changes in product life cycle.
  • Waterproof up to 2m (great for pond swoopers) in both fresh water and salt water.
  • Available in a 'Student', 'Tandem', 'Experienced' or 'Speed' version.
  • Simple Operation.
  • X-Mode for advanced operation.
  • m2 Units have a unique Gravity Index read out.

Feature Details;

The m2 is waterproof in both fresh water and salt water at a depth of up to 2 meters for 24hours. It has a replaceable filter (replaced by your rigger) which must be changed if water reaches the filter itself.

Using X-Mode allows the user to 'step-up' the device mode e.g. from Expert to Speed mode. Note that X Mode is unavailable for Tandem set AADs.

The m2 doesn't require that you send it off for servicing or maintenance, and the battery is expected to last 15 years \ 15,000 jumps.

Gravity Index shows the user as a percentage how close the last jump came to activating the device. (Great for those wanting the reassurance when starting to swoop that it won't trigger during a high performance turn)

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