Meet The Team At Skydive Now;

Avatar of Blair Stent CEO & Founder of Skydive Now - Blair Stent.

"I have been a skydiver for around 15 years and have around 3,600 jumps, most of which are camera flying - which is my passion. I have competed in the Nationals several times and have earned numerous Gold and Silver medals (mostly as a camera flyer) in disciplines ranging from CRW to FS and FF.

I enjoy teaching other skydivers about camera work and am quite technically minded. My technical strengths have helped me in the setup of everything from creating DZ camera pools to designing and filming skydiving adverts and promotional material.

I have worked for the BBC and Channel 4, along with a number of other notable production companies and broadcasters - both as a freelancer and as an employee on longer contracts.

My responsibilities are to keep the company on track with a great record of customer service, and ensuring that the daily running of the business is well managed.

In the future, I'd really like to get into more diverse roles within skydiving, and rigging is one area that has interested since my early days."

Susan - Avatar

Sales Assistant - Susan Dunbar.

"My first skydive was in 2008 and it took me two years before doing another, but I was instantly hooked. I passed my AFF course in the summer of 2010 and did around 1,700 jumps before deciding to quit skydiving when I found out I was pregnant with my son Kyle.

I enjoy photgraphy and walks into the countryside with my family. During the winter we all enjoy snowboarding in the French Alps.

My responsibilities include managing stock levels and processing the orders and any returns. I also liase with customers when special orders are requested such as new containers and custom coloured parachutes.

My future is with my family, although I would love to retire in the mountains with a large log cabin and a wood burning stove and go snowboarding off piste after fresh snow has fallen."


Andreas - Avatar Technical Genius - Andreas Romano.

*Andreas works in Italy and is our Freelance Technical Guru*

"I've been skydiving since I was 17 and took up BASE a few years ago. My regular job is working for a publishing company, but I take on freelance SEO and website work in my spare time.

I love BASE jumping and have started wingsuit flying in the last few months - but I've got a long way to go."