G3 Mega Bundle

G3 Mega Bundle


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Skydive Now Standard Goggles   + £10.25
Polycarbonate Hook Knife & Pouch-Black   + £13.25

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    Simply apply the discount between the 1st March and 30th April to qualify for an EXTRA 10% off.....

    Student Basics Starter Pack - The first things that students look for when qualifying from student to 'A' License. The Hook Knife, Goggles, Gloves and Alti Package!

    • Polycarbonate Hook Knife - Available in Red or Black with the standard knife pouch too! 
    • Goggles - Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens with Anti-Fog coating and adjustable headband. 
    • Gloves - Our standard set of skydiving gloves with velcro wrist strap and treated 'tackified' leather surface for maximum grip. 
    • Altimeter - The outstanding Alti-2 "Altimaster Galaxy" available in 7 different colours - But which colour will you pick?

    Discount: 10%
    OFFER CODE; BlueSkies

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