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Safire 2

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Safire 2

The price for the Safire 2 is the same regardless of the size and colours you select. (Please note; Size and Colours must be selected using the Official NZAeroSports Ordering Form)

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In 1998 the original Safire was released. It was a revolutionary canopy, and the first all purpose 9 cell to include a lightly, and truly elliptical planform shape.

When released, the Safire offered superior opening and flight characteristics compared with rival mid-performance 9 cell designs. This style of design would become the benchmark for mid-range performance canopies prompting other manufacturers to build similar designs. But the Safire 2 goes one step beyond the competition again. Like the original Safire, it is a truly elliptical canopy with light shaping, incorporating a constant cell aspect ratio. This consistently controls the airfoil shape across the canopy, maintaining increased rigidity and reducing drag.

The Safire 2 builds on its predecessor; integrating new trim and plan form shaping techniques offering an increased glide ratio, more responsive flight controls on both toggles and risers, a more powerful flare and a shorter recovery arc. This makes the canopy highly predictable. Its openings are arguably the sweetest of any canopy in its class; you'd swear it was a 7 cell opening above your head. The Safire 2 is an all-round, hassle free, mid-range canopy offering the benefits of 9 cell performance, without getting radical or requiring any special attention.

It's simple to use, with consistent, reliable openings, easy packing and great landings. This canopy is a versatile performer; suitable as a first canopy when lightly loaded, and equally useful as a modern mid-range performing wing at heavier wing-loadings.

The result - an impressively balanced all-round wing offering;

  • superior opening qualities
  • exceptional glide and range
  • outstanding slow flight stability
  • superior safety

Do you want the latest technology, but without the issues normally associated with ellipticals?

Want to avoid jumping outdated designs with limited performance? Then the Icarus Safire 2 is the perfect choice.

As with all NZAeroSports canopies, the Safire 2 is available in any size you choose.

When ordering, please remember that the canopy will be shipped to your nominated address.

All prices INCLUDE the import duties which are charged by UK customs.

When ordering a canopy, use the NZAeroSports colour picker - which can be found here; (Click to open Colour Picker)

Please download this order form and send it to us on an email after purchase. We will check it and send it off to the factory which gets you a better price than going direct!

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