Steelman Paraglider

Steelman Paraglider

Steelman - Solo  FS Skydiver

Steelman - Solo FS Skydiver

Steelman 3-Way FS

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The Steel-Man is a piece of welded art depicting a group of 3 skydivers in the Formation Skydiving (FS) STAR formation.

Steel-Man is a globally recognized brand of art form and the parachuting and skydiving series has made its way into many experienced skydivers home.

Each statue is crafted by hand which means weights and sizes vary slightly from each individual piece of the same model. 

These make ideal gifts for the home, office and drop zone itself. The statues poses range from almost every occupation and hobby under the sun to the more adult themes. We currently stock the skydiving and parachuting themed Steelman, however if you would like another profession, please get in touch via email.

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