Experienced Skydivers Log Book

Experienced Skydivers Log Book

Student Log Book DZ Multipack

A DZ multi pack of log books specifically designed for AFF / STATIC LINE students, and heavily discounted and subsidised on larger quantities.

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STUDENTS LOG BOOK - Multipack option

Prices start from as low as £5.25 per book!

x50 and x100 packs on special offer until April 28th 2017

x50 @ £6.10 each

x100 @ £5.75 each

We listened to both students and instructors and then created a balanced log book that contains everything the instructors wanted and catered to the students as they passed through to becomming qualified skydivers - all in the SAME log book!


  • A stylish eye catching cover.
  • Front and Rear acetate protective covers.
  • Incorporated BPA membership card holder on inside cover.
  • Owners details.
  • Larger space for detailed write ups on first 50 jumps.
  • Multi page layout for jumps 51+
  • Common Terminology and descriptions.
  • BPA Progression chart.
  • First equipment guide.
  • Common skydiving aircraft
  • DZ contact details.
  • DZ Map
  • Freefall calculation table.
  • Ring bound for easy access.
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