Wings Standard Container

Wings Standard Container

WINGS Vision Container

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The Wings Vision Container - Now with re-designed riser covers, closing flaps and side sections giving it a sleek new look!

Please register before building your container, when you have added it to the cart - it will stay there for longer than a visitor or guest!

The Vision container has been built with comfort in mind.
With the use of articulated rings and cut in laterals it's their most comfortable rig ever, and will form up to your body with minimal unwanted movement!

The Vision passes the TSO-C23d, which means it's certified for higher speeds and heavier loads than the previous standards - reassuring for those with a freefly carear in mind! 

The above price starts with a basic container, keeping the price to a minimum. 
on't be fooled as even the basic container comes with all the following gear included in the price as standard!

  • Risers (22" as standard)
  • Gold Coloured Main Toggles
  • Main Anti-Twist D-Bag
  • Standard (Black & White) Pilot Chute (F-111) and Bridle
  • Standard Red Cutaway Handle
  • Reserve Pilot Chute
  • Reserve Freebag & Bridle
  • Reserve Pilot Chute Cap
  • Standard D-Ring Reserve Ripcord
  • Thread Through Leg Straps
  • Type 8 (Wide) Chest Strap
  • Spandex BOC Pocket
  • AAD Ready


The container pictured above was built using the Wings 3D design tool.
Click here to start with a blank canvas, and then paste the link directly into our ordering system.

Step 1:

Like all container builds - you'll need to know what size main and reserve are going to go in it so the manufacturer can create the perfect fitting container. You'll also need to know the measurements for your personal fitting, so get someone to measure you before you start this process.

Step 2:

Read up on the options available and decide which ones you really want to have installed on your Wings harness. We've compiled a list of the main options and explained what each of them are here - it's well worth a read if you're looking to buy your first harness.

Step 3:

Here's where it gets fun - Pick the options and upgrades you want and design the colour scheme for your super new harness using the Wings interactive design system. (Click here to get started with a white container)
When you're done designing the colours, simply copy the link and paste it into our ordering forms colour specification section - we can check it matches all the options you choose to have installed (For example Midflaps & Pinstripe) so you don't get an unexpected surprise or delayed build time.

Step 4:

Pay via our online checkout. If you choose to pay via a BACS transfer, we'll even give you a bonus credit note up to the value of £100 per container ordered!



Alternatively if you've already completed a Wings Ordering form you can email us a photocopy and we'll build the order for you! Just send us an email.


We check over all orders and will contact you if we find an error. We will also check with you to confirm any special instructions you have.


Final payment:

What we charge you is the final payment price for the container itself and includes the shipping to a UK address. It does not include the VAT import charges and duty which are levied by the UK customs and excise. Please take this into account when ordering as it affects the final price you pay.


Confused by all the options available? - Click here to read our guide on buying a Wings container.

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