G3 Full Face Skydiving Helmet

G3 Full Face Skydiving Helmet

G4 Visor

G4 Visor

Cookie G4 Helmet

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Cookie G4 Helmet

Cookie G4 Skydiving Full Face Helmet with mirror or tinted visor.

The Cookie G4 Skydiving Full Face Helmet and successor to the G3. 

Differences between the Cookie G3 and Cookie G4;

  • Certified to XP S 72-600 (G3 is uncertified)
  • Same high levels of visibility
  • Upgraded and re-designed internal section for better and more comfortable fitting.
  • Audibles are now easier than ever before to fit.
  • The rear of the helmet now offers significant levels of protection
  • Higher levels of protection around the temple area and reduction in visor mechanism dimensions.
  • The visor mechanism is now nearly maintenance-free!
  • Significantly quieter due to the latest design technology
  • No glue holding the chin curtain in place
  • Cooler due to the ventilation design
  • Ventilation control can be adjusted by the user
  • One visor fits all G4 helmets sizes


The all-new shell sizes mean that for the first time, a Cookie full-face helmet can have an interchangeable liner (or just take it out and wash it) on top of looking great with a new one size fits all visor!

Oh, and you might want to check out that all new Blue Tint or Orange Tint visor! 


To see a preview of the helmet colour, use the drop-down options, select the size you want and then the colour - check em out!


How Does the Visor Mechanism compare to the G3?

Takes less force to open the visor.
The visor integrated into the helmet forms extra rigidity compared to G3 and allows the mechanism
to do less work.
Extra redundancy in terms of screws (G3 could lose 1 screw and release)
Yes, little or no maintenance. Stainless steel spring and screws.
Due to the new design, we do not envisage that the mechanism will require maintenance, lasting the
life of the helmet.


How do you put the helmet on and take off?

The G4 has a narrower entrance that the G3, this is to ensure the neck curtain closes around your neck making it extremely quiet.
To remove. Have the visor Open. Open the Buckle beneath your chin. Open the rear of the neck curtain with your fingers. Roll the front of the helmet up over your mouth and nose.

It is best if you get the helmet in the front above your eyebrows. Now you are going to roll the visor.

To remove, open the curtain roll the helmet forward beneath your chin. Use the Jeremy move to take the helmet off. (See Video Below)



I have a 63cm head Can I fit in it?

We have had people with 63cm head try on the XXL size and they were able to get it to fit.



XS‐XXL 53cm – 62cm over three shells

Are there specific visors for the Shell sizes?

No, one visor fits all the helmet sizes

How much does the helmet weigh compared to the G3?

XS,SM‐ 950gr M,L‐1000gr L,XL‐1050 gr +/‐ 50gr

About +100 grams more than the G3, a little less than the weight of a Go Pro




What exactly are the details of the XP S standard?

The standard can be found here;


The XP S 72‐600 Standard In A Nutshell.

Testing for Shock Absorption where the helmet is condition prior to testing for Hot +50 degC, Cold ‐‐‐
‐20 degC and Artificial ageing(Under Xenon Light for 48 hrs).

The helmet is dropped from a height of roughly 1.6m with an artificial head inside that has G Force measuring sensors.

The Speed for Impact onto a flat anvil must be 5.47m/s and the G Force imparted onto the Head cannot be >250G.

Testing for Snag Hazard so a Parachute Line cannot get caught between any part of the helmet, Open force of the Buckle, Retention system, Roll off. Field of View and Coverage.




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