G3 Full Face Skydiving Helmet

G3 Full Face Skydiving Helmet

G4 Visor

G4 Visor

Cookie G4 Helmet

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Cookie G4 Helmet

The Cookie G4 Skydiving Full Face Helmet and successor to the G3.

NOTE: This is the Pre-order phase. Helmets can be ordered by Skydive Now from June 6th 2019 where they will begin the manufacturing process. No other dealers or individuals are permitted to place orders for the G4 and G4 accessories before this date! Place your pre-order with us, and be one of the first in the queue.

Manufacturing is expected to take a couple of weeks, so Cookie expects them to ship in the final week of July. There are a limited number of colours available to start, although the sizes do accommodate from XS to XXL - Additional colours and child size helmets are expected to follow later in the year.

Only our initial pre-order period will qualify for the discounted rates! Once the pre-order period is up, the price will automatically revert to the normal sale price.






Cookie G4 Full Face Skydiving Helmet

The all-new shell design means that the rear of your head is now protected more than ever before whilst the technology inside means cool ventilation and airflow, security and comfort whilst looking truly awesome.

The all-new shell sizes mean that for the first time, a Cookie full face helmet can have an interchangeable liner (or just take it out and wash it) on top of looking great with a new one size fits all visor! Oh, and you might want to check out that all new Blue Tint visor!

That's not enough though, because here's a full list of the features this awesome new helmet has to offer!


G4 FAQ’s

What is the price RRP?

Helmet £439
Clear Visors £40
Tinted Visors £46
Mirror visors £54
Aluminium side plates £29

Will the G4 be shipped in its own boxes?

Yes unless the Customer requires otherwise. We recommend shipping in our original packaging to protect the helmet. We cannot guarantee the helmet condition should it be shipped outside this box.

Individual Box Helmet Dimensions are L 330mm x W 250mm x H240mm. Each Helmet will be shipped within this box.

Is there a Helmet Bag with the G4?

Yes, we have redesigned and new cloth bag that comes with the helmet. It has a mesh vent which we feel will allow moisture that has built up in the helmet to evaporate out.

What’s the difference between the G3 and G4?

  • Certified
  • The same superior viewing area
  • A better internal design for a better fit
  • Easier fitting of audible altimeters
  • The back offers more coverage for protection
  • More protection around the temple area as the visor mechanism is also thinner
  • The Mechanism is similar in Operation but is designed to offer no maintenance and easier opening
  • A Lot quieter as it seals better in all areas and the exterior shape is sleek and smooth by design
  • No glue holding the chin curtain in place
  • Cooler due to the ventilation design
  • Ventilation control can be adjusted by the user
  • The G4 removal is different from the G3. The difference is that you have to roll the rear of the helmet forward once you have opened the rear neck curtain.

When will it be delivered?

We anticipate first order shipping at the END of July. We will be juggling our manufacturing to suit our sales and whilst some orders may ship quickly there may be longer lead times should our capacity to manufacture be exceeded.

Can I change or wash the liner?

Yes, the liner is removable however it is tricky and we will have a video available to do this. Once the
liner is removed it can be hand washed. The helmet liner material has also been tested to ensure
that its chemical makeup is safe against the wearers' skin.

How Does the Visor Mechanism compare to the G3?

Takes less force to open the visor.
The visor integrated into the helmet forms extra rigidity compared to G3 and allows the mechanism
to do less work.
Extra redundancy in terms of screws (G3 could lose 1 screw and release)
Yes, little or no maintenance. Stainless steel spring and screws.
Due to the new design, we do not envisage that the mechanism will require maintenance, lasting the
life of the helmet.

How do you put the helmet on and take off?

The G4 has a narrower entrance that the G3, this is to ensure the neck curtain closes around your neck making it extremely quiet.
To remove. Have the visor Open. Open the Buckle beneath your chin. Open the rear of the neck curtain with your fingers. Roll the Front of the helmet up over your mouth and nose.

It is best if you get the helmet in the front above your eyebrows. Now you are going to roll the visor.

To remove, open the curtain roll the helmet forward beneath your chin. Use the Jeremy move to take the helmet off. (See Video Below)



How do I adjust the rear Neck curtain?

Similar to the G3 this neck cord can be adjusted at the anchor. Our instructions show you how to do
this. It is easier to locate the end of the cord for adjustment.

How do I replace the visor?

With the Visor closed. Undo the two screws that hold the side plates on
Then slide the visor forward from beneath the mech mushroom. Do the opposite to replace.

Is the Sizing Different from the G3?

Yes, the sizing is more aligned to other certified helmets.


I have a 63cm head Can I fit in it?

We have had people with 63cm head try on the XXL size and they were able to get it to fit.

What about kids sizing?

Currently, our smallest size is 53cm. We are presently working on a Youth M and L sizes. We envisage availability of these sizes will be later this year


XS‐XXL 53cm – 62cm over three shells

Are there specific visors for the Shell sizes?

No, one visor fits all the helmet sizes

How much does the helmet weigh compared to the G3?

XS,SM‐ 950gr M,L‐1000gr L,XL‐1050 gr +/‐ 50gr

About +100 grams more than the G3, a little less than the weight of a Go Pro

Tell me about the Ventilation control

The internal EPP foam has been styled to create channels within the helmet to provide ventilation. The top padding also has breathable material to allow the hot air to be drawn into these channels. The chin bar actuators can control the airflow to your mouth area as well as directed to the inner surface of the visor.
There are two rear ventilation ports to allow the evacuation of this hot air from within the helmet.

Can you put a camera on it?

Yes, however, you will be doing so at your own risk knowing that it would not pass the snag test if you did so. As far as impact testing with a camera on the top we have not completed such test and it is fair to say it could impair the helmets impact rating.

How does EN966 compare to the XP S standard?

Very similar but there are differences in a few areas.

EN966 is a Hang gliding Helmet standard and XP S 72 600 is a Skydiving and Windtunnel Helmet standard.

The impact testing is the same for drop height and conditioning prior to impact. 5.47m/s roughly 1.6meters.

The impact must be less that 250G

XPS standard requires a SNAG test EN966 does not.

XPS require the chinstrap to be on the exterior of the shell so that a line cannot pass up the inside of the helmet EN966 does not.

EN966 is a Hanggliding helmet standard and also has a penetration test. XPS does not require a penetration test.

However, we have tested the G4 helmet for penetration according to EN966 and it PASSES with Great Results.

Is the G4 Visor Certified?

Yes for optics, anti‐fog, resistance to penetration and our Tinted and Mirror visor option is tested
against its ability to prevent sun glare. The test standard for the Sunglare is ISO 12312‐1:2013 and
Our Tinted and Mirror visor pass as Filter Category 2 (Good Protection against Sun Glare)

What it the Impact Foam made of?

Expanded Poly Propylene.

A multi Impact foam.

If you sustain a significant impact we would suggest replacing your helmet.

What is the G4 Shell made from?

High Impact ABS. There is a synergy between the Shell and EPP foam to work together to achieve the helmet standard whilst we are creating a helmet with such a small volume compared to other protective helmets.

‐ Why no external audible access?

The primary reason for not making an audible window in the helmet is that the modern audibles are going thorough rapid design changes at present, we did not wish to get stuck with an exterior shell that would not fit the latest audibles that are in the market now and into the future.

Our G4 Audible Pocket is larger in size and provides easier audible access over our G3 Helmet.

‐ What exactly are the details of the XP S standard?

The standard can be found here;


The XP S 72‐600 Standard In A Nutshell.

Testing for Shock Absorption where the helmet is condition prior to testing for Hot +50 degC, Cold ‐‐‐
‐20 degC and Artificial ageing(Under Xenon Light for 48 hrs).

The helmet is dropped from a height of roughly 1.6m with an artificial head inside that has G Force measuring sensors.

The Speed for Impact onto a flat anvil must be 5.47m/s and the G Force imparted onto the Head cannot be >250G.

Testing for Snag Hazard so a Parachute Line cannot get caught between any part of the helmet, Open force of the Buckle, Retention system, Roll off. Field of View and Coverage.

Certified visor?

The visor is tested on its own, However, it is mounted to the helmet when fitted to the test equipment for the Optical Test.

It is also tested for Anti‐fog properties and the Tinted visors are tested also.

Helmet shell sizes can be "re‐lined" to change sizes??

Please take a look at our G4 sizing chart. You will be able to swap liners within the specific shell size.

What you will not be able to do is mix and match between different shell size liners.

Also, the G3 to G4 sizing is different. Please see the G3 helmet sizing chart. We anticipate you being one size smaller in the G4 than your G3. So Say your G3 helmet was large, there is a good chance you will be an M in the G4.

Will camera mounts be offered?

No specific G4 mounts will be on offer.

We are aware that our G3 roller mount base is compatible with the G4 shell surface.

Will using a stick‐on go‐pro type camera mount void the impact rating?

Maybe not the Impact Rating, but definitely the Snag Test for XP S 72‐600.

We have not tested the G4 for Impact with a Go Pro sticky mount on the top of the helmet.

Can the G4 Helmet be used for Riding my Bike, Motorbike, Horse, Paddling my Kayak, Water Skiing or any other sport that is not Skydiving, Parachuting or Flying in a Wind Tunnel?


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