Bungees - Type II

Type II Parachute Bands \ Bungees for stowing parachute suspension line
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Type II Parachute Bands \ Bungees

These bands are manufactured similar to Military Specifications using natural rubber compounds which are then steam cured to ensure maximum performance. You'll need to change these less often than the cheaper alternatives which break and / or lose their elasticity.

Please note: These bungees do not come with a military certification like our previous batches.

Packers will love them and skydivers can feel confident of better and more consistent deployments!



50mm length (lay flat) x 9mm wide x 1.5mm thick


2" (length) x 3/8" (wide) x 1/32" (thickness)

All bungees are in the natural beige colour and available in the following pack sizes.

Sample Size; Approx 20 Bungees for testing purposes.

Small Pack; Approx 100 Bungees.

Standard Pack; Approx 300 Bungees (a standard 1lb bag).

DZ Pack; Approx 1,500 Bungees (a box of 5x standard pack bags).

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