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Skydive Now VISO Pocket Gloves

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Skydive Now VISO Skydiving Gloves


  • VISO Pocket - An internally accessible VISO pocket (impossible to remove device from the outside - prevents loss)
  • Tackified full gripping surfaces - Palms all the way through to finger tips.
  • Elasticated back hand - Excellent for comfortable fitting, even if using extra layers.
  • No Logo on back hand - No itchy or irritating stitching on the back hand of your gloves.
  • Velcro Wrist - Adjustable velcro fastener.


Small = 18cm
Medium = 19cm
Large = 20cm
X-Large = 21cm
XX-Large = 22cm

**Note** We no longer stock the XS size of gloves for VISO gloves


Materials & Construction

Our gloves are constructed using high-quality leather for all fingers and palm areas, and elasticated material on the fingers and back of the glove.

The VISO pocket fitted to the LEFT hand can only be accessed when the glove is removed, so it's practically impossible to lose the device in freefall. The pop stud does not allow it to open on the exterior of the glove.

Joints between sections which take the most stretch and pull are double stitched which is critical to ensure that they survive the harsh treatment we expect the skydiving community to put them through.

Leather-used is a genuine leather which has been treated to give it the extra tackification and grip on the outside surface and the soft comfortable inside finish. There are no synthetic or fake leathers used on these gloves!

Genuine leather - Double stitched on areas that have high movement or take a lot of wear. All leather surfaces are tackified for extra grip.

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