Vanguard Jumpsuit

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Skydive Now - Vanguard Jumpsuit

Our popular standard jumpsuit with heavy-duty cotton construction, wind-resistant zipper, reinforced backside and knees and a lot more! They are designed to be a little baggy on the arms and legs to give you something to fly with. There are sections of spandex type material that expand to provide a dynamic fit such as on the upper body and shoulders.

Jumpsuit Features;

Heavily Reinforced Backside - Great for those nil wind high-speed sliding landings - or the not so graceful learning stages :) The backside section was specifically reinforced to take a lot of abuse without breaking apart.

Heavily Reinforced Knees - Again, we noted that a lot of jumpsuits wore on the knees as many people packed and wore their jumpsuit all day. If you're a camera flyer or instructor, you'll probably spend a little more time on your knees in some aircraft too - so you'll appreciate the extra wear these will take!

Wind resistant zipper - Great for winter months as it stops almost all the air passing through and drawing heat away from your body!

Elasticated foot loop - For those that transition into free-flying, you'll appreciate a suit that doesn't ride up your leg. This elasticated foot loop will hold the jumpsuit in place even in a full stand position.

Elasticated cuffs and ankles - No more velcro that wears down or cramps your wrist \ ankle. These softer elasticated ankles and wrists hold the jumpsuit in place without causing the irritation of velcro fasteners.

Inner Pocket - Handy inside chest pocket with a zip. 

Magnetic Collar - If you've ever forgotten to do up the zipper right to the top of your jumpsuit you'll know how irritating and sometimes painful it can be. Our handy magnetic collar snaps itself shut - so even if you do forget to do the zip right to the top, chances are you'll not even notice - Clever eh?


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