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Tandem Bungee

Skydiving Bungees - Type I

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Skydiving Bungees - Type I

Skydiving Bungees Type I 

Standard Size: 1lb bag of Type 2 Parachute Bands (approx 380 bungees)

Small Size: Sample Box containing (approx 50 bungees)


Made using a higher quality natural rubber rather than cheaper latex formed bands. These are the high-quality bungees that you find at the DZ. They don't over-stretch when pulled tight and have an excellent 'memory' (return to the original shape)

If the bands at your DZ or ones you've bought online don't return to nearly their original shape when stretched to their maximum, it's probably because they are the cheaper bungees made with latex instead of quality rubber, like these.


 1 bag of Type 1 Parachute Bands

- 50mm Lay Flat x 12.50 mm Wide x 0.90mm (wall thickness)

- 2" x 1/2" x .032"

- 454 gram (1 lb) pack - 400 Bands/bag

- Black

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