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Stella Altimeter

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The L&B STELLA Altimeter - Digital control system, familiar analogue face!
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STELLA Altimeter by L&B

The STELLA™ does what no other analogue altimeter has done!

LB Altimeters has taken the accuracy and user experience of the ALTITRACK™, the versatility of the VISO II+™ mounting system and combined them into STELLA™... all at a price-point that is friendly to an entry level student skydiver all the way to a seasoned veteran of the sky.

STELLA™ gives every skydiver digital accuracy with an analogue face (ft or M), using LB Altimeters’ world-renowned research, development and engineering, a small, accurate and versatile altimeter for any discipline. STELLA™ is far more accurate than any traditional mechanical altimeter, STELLA™ is the “must have” altimeter.

LB Altimeters allows the jumper to customize the STELLA™ to your individual style with different sized STELLA™ Elastic Wrist Mounts in a wide variety of colours (similar to VISO II+™). Slip your STELLA™ into the secure, flexible mount and you’re ready to jump!

As if that's not enough, the Stella comes in options of dial face and back face.

Dial Options

  • 12,000ft Dial
  • 21,000ft Dial
  • 30,000ft Dial
  • 4,000m Dial
  • 6,000m Dial
  • 10,000m Dial

Backface Options

  • Original White
  • Stealth HD Black (Currently unavailable)

Want even more from the altimeter?

  • Electronic altimeter with analogue scale.
  • Smooth, none erratic pointer movement.
  • Shock resistant and water resistant.
  • Face positioned with 45 deg. offset scale for easy line-of-sight viewing when mounted on the hand/wrist.
  • Asymmetric scale graduation in either feet or meters.
  • Electro-luminescent backlight for night jumping. Can remain on for several hours.
  • Automatic calibration to local elevation.
  • Scratch proof lens made from high-impact etched glass.
  • Component mounting system: Wrist or Hand mount.
  • Pointer Playback of the last jump.
  • Offset adjustments for different take-off & landing elevations.
  • Comes with Velcro hand mount & NEW LB Altimeter Tool. Elastic Wrist mount sold separately.

Please note that We don't not hold a huge stock of Stella altimeters, if your order is urgent, please contact us to ensure we have the version you want on the shelves.

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