MultiMode m2 AAD

MultiMode m2 AAD

m2 AAD - Replacement Cutter

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M2 AAD Replacement Cutter

The cutter is completely made of stainless steel and cuts the reserve parachute closing loop in case of activation. This is the shortest “knife” construction in the market allowing easy placing to all harness types without the risk of excessive strain and bending of the cable. The “knife” construction ensures a totally reliable cut of the closing loop under all conditions and it is very dirt resistant. Based on years of experience the cutter was constructed with the flat body which prevents unwanted movement and rotation amongst the harness flaps during and after packaging for use.

Each piece is thoroughly inspected and made with high precision. The cutter is connected to the processing unit with a flexible cable with a connector allowing easy replacement. The connector is fully inserted into the processing unit and is secured by a securing screw against unwanted pulling.

Cutters are normally held in stock for immediate dispatch, if you require more than one, please contact us.

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