Hypoxic 'Turned On' GoPro Camera Status LED-H3+/H4

Hypoxic 'Turned On' GoPro Camera Status LED-H3+/H4

ATLAS by Alti-2

ATLAS by Alti-2


VISO II+ Digital altimeter - a popular choice from entry level to world class champions!
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VISO II+™ Digital Altimeter

The VISO II+™ is a digital-faced visual altimeter for those skydivers who prefer a digital display over a traditional analog display.

VISO II+™ is packed with features and is the perfect visual solution for skydivers.

VISO II+™ can be set to display ALTITUDE or VERTICAL SPEED.

Please note that although L&B started selling a wide variety of colour combinations, our default is the standard black VISO II+ with white buttons. If you would like an alternate colour, please email in with the request.

Colour options available are; Black or White for the actual VISO unit itself.

Button colours; White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow.

You can select from any combination of the above.

Improvements have been made to the VISO II™ in the PLUS model (VISO II+) to include a thicker, tougher shell casing and lens to reduce the possibility of breakage and cracking under normal use. All our units by default are the newest VISO II+ ones.

Another upgrade to the previous version is the VISO II+™ viewscreen has been upgraded. Additionally, the processor speed and the available viewing angle to lessen screen flicker/refresh and to allow a wider viewing angle have also been upgraded. This makes the new HD VISO II+™ screen easier to view and from more angles and helps to view in bright sunlight.

The VISO II+™ will still fit into existing VISO II+™ hand mounts, wrist mounts, holder pockets and our colourful line of Elastic Wrist Mounts.

LB is committed to producing products that make better skydivers. Premium hardware and software developments have set the standard for audible altimeters around the globe. Now the technology and experience LB has cultivated and developed over the past 15+ years have been implemented into their visual altimeters.

Check out the SOLO II™, OPTIMA II™, QUATTRO™, PROTRACK™ audible altimeters from LB and add an audible solution for the military jumper’s overall altitude awareness and redundancy.


  • NEW HD High Contrast LCD Screen.
  • NEW 1mm Thicker, beefier case & 1mm thicker lens
  • NEW Updated hardware components w/ a faster processor.
  • NEW Wider LCD viewing angle. Fits in existing VISO mounts.
  • Rugged rubberized coating. Electro-luminescent back light for night jumping.
  • Can remain ON for several hours.
  • Automatic calibration to local elevation on LCD screen for easy & intuitive operation and information review.
  • Logbook with playback of altitude/speed profile for the last jump.
  • Operational at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Comes with hand mount.
  • Stores up to 10 minutes of profile data for your last jump.
  • Displays Alti-Meter or Speed-Meter details from exit to landing.
  • Records and displays jump information about the last 200 jumps including exit altitude, deployment altitude, freefall time, max speed in freefall and max speed under canopy.
  • Choice of readings in feet or meters as well as MPH or KMH.
  • Actual Dimensions: 2 3/16” x 1 5/8” x 7/16” [56 x 41 x 13.5 mm]
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