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Gath Helmet

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Gath Helmet


Please note that the sizes are S-M and L-XL. This means that if you purchase an XL helmet you can change (using the provided padding) the size of a helmet down to L.

Small and Medium can also be interchanged, but Medium can't be changed to large or vice versa.

If you are unable to select a size, we are out of stock :(


Used in

Skydiving, Kitesurfing, Surfing, JetSki, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Kite Buggying, Canoeing etc.


The Gath helmet range is one of the lightest weight and versatile helmet ranges on the market and a clear favourite for many of the professional and elite sportsmen and women. The Gath helmet is made from a UV stable and impact resistant ABS type plastic, no more fading in the sunlight!

All Gath custom fittings are made using tough non corrosive, salt resistant materials, so you won’t be seeing small rusty parts on this helmet – even after years of use! All this is backed up with the Gath 3-year warranty for peace of mind, and if that wasn’t enough their exceptional safety record extends right back from 1988!



The low weight, and minimal air and water resistance makes it ideal for both in the air skydiving and for in the water surfing. Gath has paid special attention and ensured the helmets have exceptional water resistance which means even when it gets wet, all parts of the helmet naturally help to repel water making it quick to dry.

Skydivers who swoop over water and all water sport enthusiasts will appreciate the quick dry characteristics of these helmets. With adjustable audio vents the helmets can allow the wearer to open them up for increased audio range or close them off to help protect their hearing.

The inner soft neoprene can be adjusted using the supplied comfort strips allowing the best possible fit for the wearer, and the anti-rash sleeve on the chin strap means you won’t get that irritation from the high strength webbing.

Technical Information

  • Gath helmets are made from quality materials to strict specifications and are built to last and are backed with a 3-year warranty.
    All materials are strong, durable, rust proof and will withstand harsh climate conditions and temperature extremes. 
  • Shell …..UV stable, impact resistant, quality ABS plastic.
  • Visors…. UV stable, shatterproof, quality polycarbonate plastic.
  • Peaks….UV stable, shatterproof, flexible, quality nylon plastic. 
  • Liner….Multi-impact EVA closed cell foam.
  • Headband....10mm thick EVA closed cell foam.
  • Comfort Strip….Soft closed cell EVA foam.
  • Fittings….All Gath helmet custom built screws and rivets are made from strong non-corrosive, salt water resistant materials.
  • Retention system….. is made using non-stretch standards approved webbing, standards approved quick release buckles for secure retention and are fitted with a neoprene anti-rash sleeve for added comfort.  


Helmet weight 325g - 350g.

Helmet Sizes \ Head Sizes

Helmet Size Comfort Strip Fitted Additional Strip/s Fits Head Size
Small 7.5mm 9mm & 10.5mm 540mm - 555mm
Medium 4.5mm 6mm 560mm - 575mm
Large 9.0mm 10.5mm 580mm - 590mm
X Large 4.5mm 6mm & 7.5mm 595mm - 610mm

Measuring Guide

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Warranty (3 Year)

Warranty Info: Your Gath product is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase, provided you use it as intended and follow the Care Instructions included.

This warranty does not include scratches or the effects of overexposure to heat or continual direct sunlight.

To be eligible for this warranty, you must fill in the form provided with your Gath product and mail it back to Gath within 10 days of the date of purchase.

Warranty Disclaimer: Your Gath is NOT designed to provide the level of impact absorption expected of cycling or other land-based headgear.

Gath's unique design is totally different from the conventional bulky crash helmet.

Gath Helmets Trade-Off a percentage of impact absorption for a more close fitting layer of defence to better suit high-performance extreme sports.

Gath protects against the more frequent sporting head injury caused by glancing blows rather than from a direct head first 'crash' into a fixed solid object, where serious injury is likely to occur regardless of the helmet.

Gath provides a lightweight super snug fitting layer of defence against superficial head injury and water pressure induced ear perforation and the damaging effects from sun, wind and salt spray.

All of this protection while maintaining a streamline fit to minimise the risk of possible neck injury when penetrating air, water and snow at high speed.Gath high performance headgear is uniquely designed to provide comfort, total vision and freedom of movement, a must for extreme action sports.

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